I’m making a space for the many interests and passions that haven’t quite found their correct place in my life up to this point, despite my persistent curiosity. This blog will keep me accountable to myself, but also to you, presumed audience, in that it will not only be my obligation to create content, but good content. At the same time, this isn’t my portfolio. These are my ‘field-notes.’ This is for the daily struggle to keep creative aspirations moving forward, not necessarily showcasing perfection.

Lately I’ve been working on developing my time lapse skills. I really want to nail this one down because, one, they’re just so cool, and two, they present an interesting and exciting challenge. Here’s one I captured the other evening, which has a moonrise in it… Very cool. I adore the view I have from my apartment and feel very lucky to have it. This is a view you will be seeing a lot of. So far everything I’ve done has been in aperture priority, sans deflickering in post. I’m probably going to start looking into this v soon, since aperture priority is the most plausible option for me in my current set-up.

(Please watch in HD! 🙂 It will be worth it.)

You’ll likely be seeing a lot of posts with videos, photography, maybe some musings on design (all kinds). Maybe some wellness and food posts- because we all gotta eat, right? If you have an interest in any of these things, this blog might be for you. If you have an interest in the Pacific Northwest, as that is my current homebase, you’ll likely be seeing a lot of that. If you’re looking for a daily nugget of something interesting or random to entertain yourself with, I can definitely give you that.

With some hard work and luck, this blog will take you and I to some awesome places, both figuratively and literally. Hopefully, we’ll get a better sense of where we’re going and what to do once we get there.



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