#The100DayProject | DAY 1!!!!!!!! | Lake Union

A couple months ago something called The 100 Day Project came onto my radar via The Great Discontent, which is a pretty neat magazine I follow on Instagram. They, and an artist named Ella Luna, are putting on this particular version of the project, running officially from (today) April 6th to July 14th. However, it should be noted that if you are late to the party you still totally can and should join in!

I love this project because any excuse for ~*~making~*~ is always good. But perhaps more importantly, anything that’s a kick in the pants for actually doing projects is a great thing.

I’ve decided to do 100 time lapses.

I’ll be doing time lapses of all kinds. I’m not putting any restrictions on myself, nor am I making any major requirements for them. These will be chronicled on my Instagram, but I will also be adding high-quality versions to my YouTube, and on some occasions these time lapses may find their way into larger videos, in which case I will not upload them separately, but as a part of the larger project.

#The100DayProject | DAY 1 – Full HD Version



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